Hand Painted Black Cherry Blossom Kusudama

The kusudama has a 4 inch diameter, hand painted detail (color of your choice) on black paper, available with or without accent jewels/beaded tail, on black satin ribbon or invisible jewelry wire (please email me with what detailing you do/do not prefer).


Detachable Hanging Bracelet Piece


Detachable  Pendant Necklace Tail Piece

Optional additions:

The tail portion of the kusudama doubles as a pendant necklace, to match. The charm bracelet, when attached to the kusudama doubles as part of the hanging cord.

Quantity Available:  Made To Order (requires processing time, not including shipping, of 10-20 business days, depending on options chosen)

Standard:  $55.00

***Jewelry Options***

Kusudama with Bracelet:  $85.00

Kusudama with Necklace:  $75.00

Kusudama with Both:  $100.00