Rainey sent my daughter, and myself, the most wonderful origami I’ve ever seen- and I’ve seen a lot. My daughter got the most adorable cupcake themed box (which she is now using for a necklace and some earrings) and a kusudama that’s got jewels and I have an adorable box with ladybugs on it. For a unique gift that’s suitable for all sorts of people and occasions, go with origami. Customization is always better than mass-produced goods from chain stores. – Saskla

These pieces should be in a museum.  Rainey’s sophistication with this ancient technique is unparalleled; truly, this is no mere “hobby.”  Her choice of color and pattern combined with contemporary forms and pieces is really the art in “arts and crafts.”  I love these pieces and am confident that any room, space or tabletop would be enhanced by them. – Ken

Hey Rainey! I think it was a wild success! Thank you, 0rigami Tsunami! – Eileen

I LOVE this gorgeous thing. We worked on the concept together and it came out so perfectly. The craftsmanship is flawless, the composition is so interesting, and it makes me so happy. Truly, stunning, stunning work, and everyone admires it. Thank you, so much. – Carolyn

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