One-of-a-Kind Orders

So that they are not confused with regular stock or items up for custom order, sales that have taken place that cannot be duplicated for variable reasons, will be here, so you can view some of my previous sales.








The lantern is approximately 6.5 inches in diameter, strung on a leather cord, with vintage findings of brass, copper, and faux amber glass. The paper used is Victorian French, and distressed leather, both of which are discontinued and out of print, entirely, so this is a one of a kind set that cannot be recreated.

The boxes vary in size from the smallest being approximately 1.5 x 2.5 inches, and the largest being approximately 3 x 4.5 inches, with the triangular box being approximately 4.5 inches each side.

Top View of Box One

Bottom View of Box One

Top View of Box Two

Bottom View of Box Two

Top View of Box Three

Bottom View of Box Three

Top View of Box Four

Bottom View of Box Four

All four boxes made from a re-purposed calendar, featuring Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet of San Francisco. Boxes measure approximately 3 inch x 4.5 inch.

Spiderman Gift Boxes

Set of 5 Spiderman Gift Boxes



Avengers Gift Boxes

More to come…