Hand Painted Black Cherry Blossom Kusudama

The kusudama has a 4 inch diameter, hand painted detail (color of your choice) on black paper, available with or without accent jewels/beaded tail, on black satin ribbon or invisible jewelry wire (please email me with what detailing you do/do not prefer).


Detachable Hanging Bracelet Piece


Detachable  Pendant Necklace Tail Piece

Optional additions:

The tail portion of the kusudama doubles as a pendant necklace, to match. The charm bracelet, when attached to the kusudama doubles as part of the hanging cord.

Quantity Available:  Made To Order (requires processing time, not including shipping, of 10-20 business days, depending on options chosen)

Standard:  $55.00

***Jewelry Options***

Kusudama with Bracelet:  $85.00

Kusudama with Necklace:  $75.00

Kusudama with Both:  $100.00


The Big Bang Theory Set

2 Kusudamas, 3 Gift Boxes, and 2 Fox Boxes– (For additional photos of different angles and inside of the boxes, click HERE)

Red Kusudama is 3.5 inches in diameter, with red jewel accents. Yellow Kusudama is 2.5 inch diameter, with yellow jewel accents, and red, yellow, and blue satin hanging ribbon.

Large Blue Glitter Gift Box is 4.5 inches x 3 inches.

Medium Gift Box is 2.5 inches x 1.75 inches, with red and green gaming dice sticker on inside of the base.

Small Gift Box is 2 inches x 1.25 inches, with blue and yellow accent jewels on the top corners, and red and yellow 3in. floppy disk stickers on the inside lids.

2 Fox Boxes have two translucent, red vellum panels–(you can put battery operated LED’s inside to make them glow!)


Price:  $20.00

Quantity Available: ONE